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Facial Treatment 


Essential Facial

(The basic functions of the Essential Facial are to eliminate ingrown hairs, clear clogged pores and hydrate the dry areas of the skin, leaving your face feeling healthy, smooth and clean. Our Essential Facial package includes a Spa Care and your choice of a scalp massage )

Price (Guest)      45 Mins / $50    60 Mins/$78

Price (Member)  45 Mins / $39      60 Mins/$60


Men’s Essential Facial

(Essential facial treatment to boost and detoxify men’s skin, combining relaxation and efficiency for more resilient skin and impeccable complexion.)


Price (Guest)    45 Mins/$55.

Price (Member)  45 Mins/$50.


Deep-pore Cleansing & Hydrating Facial

 (Your Spa Care Expert will select a masque best suited to your skin care needs. Benefits range from diminishing redness and wrinkles, to detoxifying and firming.)


Price (Guest)           75 Mins / $75

Price (Member)        75 Mins /  $60 


Sothys Anti-aging Facial

 (High performance treatment adaptable to every client according to the ageing of the skin. A targeted and effective answer for radiant and youthful looking skin.)


Price (Guest)   .       75 Mins/$100

Price (Member)       75 Mins/$78


Aroma Lymphatic Drainage Facial

 (Aroma help you to gain a clear and . Facials are a process that involves deep , and . In an aromatherapy facial essential oils are used to carry out a facial. It is advisable to use only pure plant oils for aromatherapy facials. There are different facials techniques to be followed for different . Skin types are broadly divided into oily skin, dry skin, normal skin and all kind of the sensitive skin.)


Price(Guest):  $105   Price( Member): $80


 Japanese Green Tea &Tea Tree Acne Facial

 (Good for sensitive skin,Acne ,Protect sun burn skin and relaxing the skin, stimulating&exfoliation)


Price(guest): 75 Mins / $89          Price(member):75 Mins: $75


Vitamin A. C.E Power Repair Facial

(reduce skin pigmentation,prevents skin damage caused by stress and pollution, help repair damaged cells and prevent future skin damage)


Price(guest):75 Min / $85       Price(member):75Mins / $75


Hot Stone  And Cold Stone Facial


Price(guest):75 Mins / $85      Price(member):75 Mins / $75     


Sothys Whitening Facial


 Price(guest)75 Mins / $85       

Price(member):75 Mins / $69


 German Chamomile Rose Facial Treatment  


Price(guest): 75 Mins / $85       

Price(member):75 Mins / $69


Eye or neck Treatment 

( Eye contour professional specific care. Anti-wrinkles, anti-bags, smooth and decongest.)

 price (guest)          30 Mins / $58          

 price (member)      30 Mins / $45

Add to facial      $30        


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